#1, or I love Batman, or Unexpected Gifts, or My Mom

The Batman. He floats on magic.

Sometimes you’re having a tough morning and you don’t feel so great and you’re getting down about your life and you go to visit your parents and your mom is like “Hey, this reminded me of you” and gives you an adorable little vinyl Batman figurine. Or maybe that’s just me.

I love Batman. And I’m pretty sure he loves me. I’m also pretty sure that there isn’t a single sane person on this planet that would argue that anyone other than Batman is the greatest superhero of all. I mean let’s get real people, the best part about him is that he’s not a magical superhero – he’s just a regular guy with some really cool toys that he and his buddy invented. Ergo – we could all be Batman.

It’s also always nice when someone gives you presents when it’s not your birthday or Christmas or Valentine’s Day or Labor Day (what? you don’t get Labor Day presents?). It’s almost better in a way because you don’t expect it. Almost. More importantly, it’s kind of cool when someone that you love gives you something just for the hell of it. They’re saying “Hey you! You’re important! I think about you when you’re not here and you’re so important to me that unimportant things remind me of you. Because I love you and you’re pretty great. I wanted you to know that, so here’s some stuff.” Let’s get real here folks, that feels pretty good.

If only we’d stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time. Edith Wharton

I had to Google who Edith Wharton was which made me feel like a jerk after realizing she’s Pulitzer Prize-winning writer. Must look up on Nook.

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