#3, or A Love Note, or Love and Tacos Part II

There I was trudging up the stairs of the dingy hallway to our apartment after work with a heavy backpack and a full gym bag, bills from the mailbox in hand when suddenly I spot something on our door. Perhaps Jim from upstairs has left more of our mail he accidentally received. Maybe the crazy landlord has left yet another note to inform tenants of her strict no smoking and no animals policy.

No. Neither of those. It is something much better. David, out to drink with a friend, has left me a sweet note. What the note says isn’t really of consequence to anyone but me, though suffice it to say it’s enough to make a girl smile. I’m a huge ball of cheese and a hopeless romantic. All notes are saved along with movie tickets, event pamphlets, and a variety of other random knick knacks of things we’ve done together. This lovely and highly unexpected note will be no exception and will certainly find a home in the box of “us things.”

For all the hype of a “perfect relationship” we experience when throughout our lives with fairy tales, romantic comedies, and everything in between, some days it’s nice to be in the middle of a real love. One that is entirely imperfect. But still full of love. I’ll take it over a knight in shining armor any day.

Unless of course you already happen to have said shining armor and access to a horse because the Renaissance Festival is quickly approaching and I know you said you’d only go if I didn’t make you wear a costume but I’d let you dress up in costume and not tell anyone… directly anyway…

Oh yea, and there was leftover turkey so I got to have tacos for dinner two nights in a row. Yum for me!

The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.” Ben Franklin

Listen Ben, if I would’ve known you guys were going to be all tricky with your wording and guarantee the option of happiness not actual happiness, I would’ve paid a little more attention when we all voted that little bill into action.

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