#4, or Classes Start Today, or How to Stay in College Forever

I graduated high school in June, 2005. I started studying Theatre at Virginia Commonwealth University in August, 2005. I dropped out of VCU in May, 2006. I decided to go back to VCU last minute in August, 2006. I dropped out of VCU for the second and final time in September, 2007. In January, 2007 and August, 2008 I started and never completed two separate semesters at Northern Virginia Community College.

It was time for a break.

I worked in restaurants for about a year. Attempting to not become a junkie in the world of junkies – I seriously deserve a gold star for that.

I became a personal trainer. I don’t need a degree to get people in shape? Great! I’m in.One year into personal training I was bringing home bi-weekly paychecks that ranged between $450 and $650. Not exactly the things dreams are made of. It was time, I thought, to back to school.

I believe my actual thought was something similar to “Fuck this shit. I need a degree.”

So I did. And hey, as of June, 2011, my crazy, indecisive (ish) ass got an degree in communications. I worked for something and it finally paid off. I don’t seem to be any richer though so it seems an associate’s degree isn’t all I need ’round these parts. Now it’s time for step two: complete an undergraduate degree.

Today was my first day of classes at Westwood College for visual communications where I will spend the next (less than) two years taking exciting design courses and becoming even awesomer than I am now (I know, you thought that was impossible). The first day of class is always exciting. You meet your instructor and your classmates and you do really easy stuff. Then week two hits and all that fluff is out of the way and suddenly your instructor vaguely resembles Hitler and your classmates seem to have more wrinkles and bags under their eyes.

And so what if I stared at my stack of books and realized I was complete moron and had ordered two of each required textbook through Amazon? You might say that’s not a good start to this degree. I beg to differ. All those books stacked in that picture seems somewhat daunting. Take away half of them and suddenly, this semester just got a whole lot easier. I say, I’m secretly brilliant, playing mind games with myself and all.

Bring it on bachelor’s degree. I am going to kick some visual communications ass. No matter how long or how many hundreds of student loans it takes me. Besides, my loans are deferred as long as I’m taking classes at least half-time so theoretically speaking, if I just stay in school forever, I never have to pay back my loans…


Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw

Well this is relieving. I plan to create me as rich, successful, and so talented it hurts. Oh and always camera-ready gorgeous.

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