#11, or David Loves Katie, or Dawson’s Creek was Before my Time

Imagine you are me for a moment. Imagine you are sitting on the couch, about to watch the final performance show of So You Think You Can Dance – one of your favorite shows of course – and your boyfriend walks into the room. He has acquired an interest in the show but only so far as to watch it when you’re around. He is getting ready to go out. You ask him a silly question “Guess who the guest judge is tonight?” to which the answer could be one of millions of people.

He guesses incorrectly. You, thinking it a strange choice for the show and considering he would certainly feel the same, laugh while telling him it is Katie Holmes.

His eyes light up like it’s Christmas morning and he tells you to make sure the show is recording so he can watch it later…

David… has been holding back in our relationship. He has told me of his love for the intelligent, beautiful, talented Natalie Portman. This is an adoration I fully appreciate. But this? This news of his crush for Katie Holmes circa Dawson’s Creek? Oh… this is good. This is entirely new information.

I didn’t enjoy her in Batman Begins but I have a feeling David did.

We have gone this entire relationship without him ever speaking a word of his Dawson’s Creek affections and I feel like we have really grown tonight. What makes it even better is thinking about 20-something David fawning over Katie Holmes.

I was 11-16ish when the show aired which would have made it beyond my scope of concern. This would put David at 20-25ish and I am absolutely loving the image of a 25 year-old David, coming back home from a long night of bartending to the masses at a hip music venue and falling asleep to the Dawson’s Creek episode he missed earlier that day. This was obviously recorded on VCR so he had to make sure that it was recording before he left for his shift and then cross his fingers when he rewound (rewinded?) and hit play – hoping the episode was recorded right. He lulled himself to sleep dreaming about Joey and wishing he could show her all the love he had in his crazy, mixed-up heart.

It’s beautiful really.

Tonight I am happy because I learned something new about David and what makes him happy. It starts with a K and ends with an atie Holmes. Go figs right? And no, today’s photo is very much not one of my own. Too bad.

You and I were meant to be. Period. The end. Cue the happy ending music.” Dawson’s Creek

I thought that quote was fitting. He he he.

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