#13, or Friendship and Chicken Wings, or I Look Awesome in Cardboard Khakis

Okay so I would have posted Holly’s picture in this same cardboard cutout but my blog is only for love and joy and not for getting permission to put other people’s ridiculous photos in (slash embarrassing them in). So here is me, celebrating with my khakis and Gatorade. I assume it’s Gatorade although there is no reference to the exact type of sports drink being poured in this head-substituting photograph.

As we’ve discussed previously – it’s no secret that I love food. Personal trainer though I may be, I especially love food that is bad for me. One of my favorite foods is the oh so tasty chicken wing. Accompanied by the french fry of wonder, the chicken wing is the perfect Friday night dinner. Throw in some beers and you’ve got yourself a regular ol’ hootenanny.

Side note – the spell check feature did not question my spelling of hootenanny.

I’m a couple of IPAs in and feeling like this Friday night was a success. We hung out with the lovely Holly and Ben and we had some good chatting. David watched the Redskins game for reasons I can’t fully fathom, Holly and I talked about an upcoming interview for me that I’m all tons of excited about, and the menfolk discussed electronics and toys and such.

All together, it was a fairly solid night of friendship, chicken wings, and delicious beer. Our server was fairly good, the conversation was great, and the company was delightful. I wore a nice top because I felt like dressing up for a Friday, and I got an amazing picture of my face in a cardboard cutout. Let’s get serious for a second – does life get any better than that?

Tonight was great thanks to great friends and good food/drink. This was a great way to start the weekend. Holly and I may regret this decision tomorrow morning when we’re on our way to a meeting about running a half-marathon in December but for now it still seems like an absolutely fantastic idea.

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.” James Oppenheim

Here’s the thing Jimbo… David and I can’t spare much space in this apartment to grow a bean let alone a bunch of happiness. So I would really appreciate if you could let us go ahead and grow said happiness at a distance. It would make our lives much easier.

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