#16, or David Bought Me Something, or More Things in this Apartment That I Love too Much to Throw Away

I think we all clearly remember my first post and the joy I feel about getting random gifts. Today I got to experience that delightful feeling once again.

David, lover of bookstores, gifted me with this doozy (is that how doozy is spelled?) today. He visited one of the many closing Borders stores and picked himself up a couple of discount magazines and got this one for me. As a newly minted visual communications major, this is fairly exciting. I’m enjoying immersing all my silly brain cells into art and creative thinking and designy things. I go to bed at night and I think of things I could make. I wake up in the morning and offer to make a friend’s brochure.

It’s always fun to be excited by something – to lose yourself in something and when you come out on the other end hours have passed and you didn’t even realize it.

It’s also always fun to be surprised with a gift. Nothing says “I love you” like presents. Amiright? Eh? Eh?


Okay fine, it’s nice to be thought of and appreciated.

Did I mention it’s Monday? This is the third Monday in a row that I’ve had a happy moment because of David if I do recall correctly. I think he’s catching on. I can’t wait to see what he does next Monday.

No pressure.

We are no longer happy so soon as we wish to be happier.” Walter Savage Landor

Okay I won’t wish to be happier. I’ll wish for a million dollars, a pony, and world peace. That’s cool right?

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