#21, or A Lazy Afternoon With Jackie, or Hey my Blog Posts Are Old Enough to Drink!

This picture is now a couple of years old but I still feel that it’s one of our best photos together. Me and The Jackie.

<— Exhibit A: My very first friend in Virginia.

<— Exhibit B: My very best friend in Virginia. Or anywhere else for that matter really.  While she may hold this title in a joint first place with David, I know they are both understanding of this fact and are aware that their bestfriendship titles are equal yet very different.

I should’ve known that today would not go as planned. We agreed that she had packing to do and I had homework but there was much we needed to catch up on. The clear solution is that she would pack while I did homework and we would have a good chat whilst we worked.

In college, Jackie and I spent weekends visiting each other and the only time the conversation stopped was when we were sleeping. Although I talk in my sleep so it probably kept going despite her best efforts to make me sleep like a normal person.

I am positive that if you left me and Jackie in a jail cell together after some sort of mischief, you could leave us there for a week and when you came back we would still be talking. Truth.

This talking can be a part of certain multitasking adventures like hair-straightening or applying makeup. This talking is not conducive to actual productive activity like homework. So five hours later, I had no more homework done when I left Jackie’s apartment than when I showed up which means I have to spend my Sunday doing more homework than I wanted to. And you know, I’m a-okay with that. It was worth it. We talked about our lives, loves (Yea, I’m looking at you David and Trevor), jobs, family, stuff. It’s what we do – we talk. We bond.

There are times in a girls life where all she needs is to do nothing but sit in a room and talk to her best female friend about any and everything. No distractions; just chatter. Being responsible adults can be kind of overwhelming and occasionally incredibly boring but it is nice to find the time to spend maintaining a friendship that is well-deserving. We’re not always perfect and we don’t talk as much as we once did (okay hi, every day all day in high school) but there’s nothing like cozying up on a chair across from my bestie and hashing out life.

We also hash out how intelligent, beautiful, and disarmingly charming we are. It’s tough being us and no one really understands that so it’s nice to have someone on your side when you’re stressed out about how daunting it is to be so damn perfect. Being this amazing is really hard and it is a gift in my life to have someone capable of fully grasping the hard knocks a supermodel genius goes through. I don’t know what I would do without her sometimes.

There is only one person who could ever make you happy, and that person is you.” David Burns

Also, that guy that shows up to your doorstep from Publisher’s Clearinghouse to tell you that you just won a million dollars.

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