#23, or Music That Makes me Feel, or Thank You Jen Frazier for Reminding me to Post Tonight (Oopsy)

Let’s get pumped!

Sorry kids, no picture today. This post is about music. I would embed the video but then I’d end up either putting automatic sound on my website which is always undesireable for visitors, or I’d slow down my page. Both of these are unacceptable so you must promise me that you will not read any further until you have clicked that link, experienced that song, and enjoyed the heck out of it.



It’s okay, I’ll wait.




Awesome right? I know. Oh hey, you know what’s great about writing my own blog? I get to pretend that you automatically agree with me even if you don’t. Win!

This song gets me pumped up. If I could play this on loop for the half-marathon in December, I would consider doing it. That might be a lie and in truth could have the potential to drive me crazy but whatever, you get the point. The chorus really gets to me and I love getting lost it in. Interestingly enough it seems even more significant as I watch the love of my life kicking ass and taking names all up on his body that isn’t doing what it’s supposed to be doing. Show that melanoma who’s boss! (It’s you, in case you needed help with that).

I wonder if there is a person out there with a sense of hearing that hasn’t been moved by a song at least one time in their life. I hope not. To experience harmony and melody coming together to inspire you to get up, take action, sing along, or even just dance around, is a pretty fantastic experience and it is beyond freeing. Here I am at the end of a very long day (hi did I mention I wanted to be in bed hours ago?) with very little energy but just enough to make it through sitting on this silly blue couch and “singing” along at the top of my lungs to a song that moves me and makes me feel good. I like feeling good. It feels good.

What are some songs that have moved you? I’d love to know.

Be happy. It’s one way of being wise.” Sidonie Gabrielle

Oh well then by all measurable accounts, at the end of my year long blog project, I will be the President of Mensa. Look out fellow geniuses…genius’?… genusies?…genie-i?… ah yes, Look out geniei! Here I come!

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