#24, or A Giant Ass Box of Art Supplies, or No Seriously it’s Huge and I’m Giddy

Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m a full-on arts and crafts nerdosaurus, I love me some artz. That is why this post is dedicated to crafty fun.

For school, as a visual communications major, I have to have what they call a “tool kit” that has all the art supplies necessary to do all of my design and art related homework for the entirety of my studies. Or so I think. If I find out that this is only for half a year or something to that effect, I’m going to need a lot more space.

As you may notice by the picture to the left, this box… is big. It’s about 4x2x3 and it’s sort of amazing. I am staring at this box utterly excited to open it and organize everything inside of it. Being in the middle of a move from one place to the next, I have chosen the responsible route of not opening it until I have everything set up and a home for all of my supplies. Also, that’s a lot of work and I have some other stuff that needs to get done first.

Have you ever seen something as beautiful in your life? A box that I can probably fit in full of artsy crafsty things to fill my heart. Absolutely love.

What I absolutely love more is that thanks to this move of ours, I will actually have space to put all of these supplies. Attempting to figure out where to put all of that stuff in our 500 square foot apartment that was already cluttered and cramped may have made David cry if he watched me. Now he doesn’t have to cry. He just gets to smile and watch me happily art away at a table in our cozy new living quarters.

There is no expert on what happiness is but many on what it might have been.” Robert Brault

Happiness is anytime I get to create something. Fact.

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