#25, or We Have a King Size Bed, or I’m Going Full-On Starfish Tonight

Number 1: Don’t hate on the speckles on my camera lens.

Number 2: You know you love green.

Number 3: How fantastic is that bed?


Thanks to the wonderful John and Jennie, in our new little home we have a pillow-top king size mattress. Since the day David and I moved in together we have dreamed of the day we would have a king size mattress. It is a beautiful feeling to have a dream like this realized.

You might be able to tell which side belongs to which person. My side is the one with the entire comforter, the stuffed rabbit, and the laptop. On the other side of the pillow Berlin Wall is David’s side, with a light blanket. I am perpetually cold. He is perpetually hot.

After spending last night with the lovely ladies of the Manassas Sleep Center, I am excited for my first night in my new bed. I am especially excited to sleep without 12 wires attached to my scalp, 2 to my chest, a band around my chest and abdomen each, and a pulse monitor on my finger. This is going to be luxury.

I am considering for the moment that I wanted to go to bed hours ago – seriously this is a terrible reoccurring theme lately – but I had too much to do. I would like  a day off please. Not really from work but from everything. Let’s make that happen. Then I’ll write a blog about it. “What took so long?” you may be asking yourself. Well, friend, I had the pleasure of organizing all of my arts and crafts supplies tonight. I took tore into that box like it was Christmas day and I truly sat there in the middle of the pencils,paints, sketchpads, and more, for just a couple seconds, and laughed with joy. Arts yay!

Try not to be too jealous of me tonight while I sleep like royalty. I earned my spot in this oh-so cozy bed and I’m going to live every moment of it up.

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.” Oscar Wilde

Proof I’m tired: I repeated that sentence two times before I realized that the second part said “whenever” and not “wherever”. I thought to myself, hey this Oscar guy is trying to trick me! But then I realized I’m just that observant. Score one for me! Bedtime hey!

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