#26, or David’s Cancer is Localized, or Really – What Other Title Do I Need After That One?

Tonight I have no picture, no funny quips, nothing of the sort. Tonight I have only joy.

Since the moment we found out David had melanoma it has been quite an interesting journey. I am not naive and I know that there is much more of this journey ahead but suddenly it seems incredibly less daunting. Today we received the news that after all the scans, there isn’t a single trace of cancer anywhere else in David’s body than what we already knew we were up against. There is the tumor under his arm and that is it. As he said earlier today “what started out as a war is now just a battle” and it is true.

I have believed every second of the way that this would be the answer we would receive and that David will conquer this cancer beast like it’s his job. It is a glorious thing to have validation in these beliefs because they are the best news we could possibly have hoped for after a cancer diagnosis. I am elated to say the least.

To my sweetheart: I love you absolutely. You are stronger than this. You will beat this. You have the most amazing friends and family in the world. I look forward to holding your hand now, through every hurdle, and the second you find out that you are cancer-free. I will be here no matter what. You mean the world to me. Your strength and humility through this whole ordeal thus far has been beyond inspiring. I love you. Stay strong; and when you aren’t sure that you can stay strong , know that you have me and at least one hundred other people ready to hold you up when you need to lean.

We have two options medically and emotionally: give up or fight like hell.” Lance Armstrong

This isn’t my normal happiness quote but this is much more deserving in this post. I know David, that you will fight like hell, and we will all be there every step of the way to fight with you. LIVESTRONG.


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