#28, or Stormy Saturday, or Can Someone Please Clear the Journalists Out of the Storms?

Thank you silly storm Irene. Thanks to you, I am spending a night – a whole night – on the couch just hanging out. I know that I have midterms due tomorrow but um hello, that’s tomorrow. Today is for wine and cheese and crackers. In case anyone was wondering, the Harris Teeter brand fake wheat thins are absolutely delicious!

This storm has been fairly calm in our part of the world, contrary to the originally held belief. I am glad I didn’t rush out to get bottled water and bread because this thing is tame as a regular storm. I will be at church with no problem tomorrow. This Irene chick may have messed up moving day (oh, the rain started at 10:30AM not 3:00PM as predicted, awesome) but my weekend continues on.

As an aside, can someone please tell me who the first reporter was to stand in the middle of a storm to report about it? I would like to know so that I can punch them in the teeth for the most asinine news reporting moments that continually happen. Dear meteorologists, if you tell me that there is a hurricane in North Carolina, I trust you without watching you soaking wet, screaming into the microphone, and skewed by a wet camera lens. I don’t need to see you standing in four feet of snow and covered in snow to believe there is a blizzard. I don’t need you to report from the epicenter of a tornado for me to believe there is, in fact, a tornado. Let me trust you. Every time I see a reporter in the middle of ridiculous weather, I think “Hey, that must be the new guy”. Reporting from the center of a storm is clearly newscaster hazing.

But I digress. The point is that I love storms. I love rain and thunder and lightning. I love sitting inside and relaxing to the sound of rain out of control outside. It is entirely calming and therapeutic. I am feeling slightly overwhelmed by the fast pace of the universe lately and the amount of things that constantly need to be done and this is exactly what I needed.

How is everyone else spending their stormy Saturday? I’m dying to know!

Happiness depends more on the inward disposition of mind than on outward circumstances. ” Benjamin Franklin

My inward disposition is stormy and I know that sounds totally depressing to everyone else but I adore storms so it is an absolutely wonderful and happy disposition.

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