#30, or This Was Supposed to be About my Clothes, or This Blog Didn’t Turn Out Like it was Supposed to, or A Lesson in Physics?

Fact: Nobody likes moving. The idea of moving is exciting – going from one place to a new place – but the actual act of moving is incredibly irritating.

I have moved five times in the past year alone due to varying circumstance and it never gets any more fun or any easier. But this p— hold that thought

I was about to write about how excited I was to have my clothes so organized that it would make Howard Hughes smile when suddenly, the entire bar and the shelf on top of it come toppling off of the wall and all of the clothes go crashing to the floor.

I might have to rethink my happy note now.







I went to happy hour with Page and Jen and that was pretty great. Some girl chat, some happy hour priced beer, a great way to enjoy a Monday. I think I’ll finish the Monday by going to bed by 10PM which I always say I’m going to do and never actually do. So uh… yea… those are some good things…










Satisfaction of one’ curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life. ” Linus Pauling

Funny you mention that Linus because I am incredibly curious how the shelf and all of the clothes on it physically dove forward onto the ground. Highly curious.

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