#31, or This One Isn’t Really About Me, or Happy Monthiversary to My Bloggy!

Today’s happy note is not really about me and my life but it’s a happy note in general.

I was listening to the radio  on my way home from work today and I heard an interesting story. This woman called in and said that her “little nephew” had cystic fibrous – a terrible lung disease – and that it runs in her family. She said that her nephew had been in the hospital for quite a while and that the doctors had recently said there was about a week left in his lungs.

Then there was only five days left in his lungs.

Then there was only three days.

Then they got the call that he had a donor. He had new lungs. Early this evening he was being prepped for surgery to receive his new lungs. The host on the radio said a prayer for this woman and her nephew but she also said one for the family of the donor. I found this whole moment incredibly moving.

I am happy that somewhere tonight, not too far from here, a sick boy that was on the edge of death is being given a new chance to live and maybe change the world.

I am grateful that there are organ donors in the world who help to make these things possible. I hope that the donor’s family can find some peace in the blessing the donor has brought to another family.

My happiness comes from my commitment to advancing a better world.” Faye Wattleton

What are you doing to advance our world to a better place?

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