#33, or David Has A Surgery Appointment, or David Has a Specifc Date and Time to Kick Cancer’s Ass

I bet David is going to be totally sad when he’s cured of cancer and stops being such a pivotal figure in my blog. He’s going to be all “Hey why don’t you write about me as much in your blog anymore?” and I’m going to be all like “Because you don’t have cancer anymore duh. Now go buy me flowers and I’ll write about you if you’re lucky.”

In the meantime though, I’m still finding joy in the good news in this process. David has been in New York City (does anyone else think of the Pace Picante commercials nine out of ten times they hear someone say New York City?) seeing the leading melanoma specialist in the country and just meandered home earlier this evening. This fella has informed David that he is confident he can remove the tumor (a biggun though it may be) and get him started on the track to recovery. That’s pretty darn fantastic if you ask me.

Now there is a chance that once he gets in there he’s not able to get it all but the doctor has plans for that – and did I mention he’s confident it should only take one shot? Did I also mention that I totally told David a couple of weeks ago that I was going to be an Optimistic Olive and still believed this guy could do it? I’m almost to a win on that one so we’ll have to wait until Wednesday for my official winner’s gold star.

So next week it’s off to New York to get this nuisance taken out and get started on the follow up treatments to make sure it stays out. Maybe we’ll have time to do some sight-seeing while in the city, that would make me happy. Ooh shopping! Cancer surgery shmancer shmurgery – who wants to go see Wicked?!?!

In all seriousness though, this is great news and we’re looking forward to getting on with this adventure and eventually getting it behind us… and I’m looking forward to all the flowers I get from the bouquet of the week club that David is going to sign up for to make sure he stays a central theme in my blog.

The happiness of the bee and the dolphin is to exist. For man it is to know that and wonder at it. ” Jacques Yves Cousteau

I don’t know that I wonder at the happiness of a bee. I wonder if a bee has happiness. I don’t wonder if a dolphin does though. Have you ever looked at one? They’re always smirking… cheeky bastards.

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