#34, or Wine and Cheese…(itz), or Does it Get Any Classier Than This?

Let’s just lay all of our cards out on the table here folks: I’m a classy broad. As is evidenced by the wine and Cheez-its evening indulgence I am taking part in right now. Even classier, they’re both in paper cups. Adding to the classy, my Lit class book is my cupholder.

Did I mention I got a perfect score on the Lit test I took right before I poured that cup of wine? I deserve it.

It’s Friday night and I am enjoying a bit of a lounge after stuffing my face in the books. I had some quality bonding time with my future brother-in-law Mike which was nice. I imagine this looked suspicious to the future in-laws when they came home and it was just me and Mike with no David to be found… okay… that makes me laugh now that I think about it…

Of course it’s Friday which is wedding show day so I’m loving that.

Oh and I drew really cute owls in MS Paint today. That sounds entirely uneventful but I love owls and I’ve always thought I couldn’t tackle the cute owl thing in digital art but I did. It was a triumph. It was an extra triumph because I did it in MS Paint. Speaking of, can someone explain to me how to draw a perfect curve in Photoshop (CS5)? I’ve looked at tutorials online and they aren’t helping me (or I’m not reading them correctly). Help!

Additional awesome, tomorrow I get to sleep in. My first day to sleep in at our new home with the bedroom with a great bed, central air, and no windows. If David doesn’t wake me up I might sleep until noon. Dear darling of mine, please wake me up by noon (at the latest).

Happiness is a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but which if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” Nathaniel Hawthorne

Okay it’s not that I don’t appreciate all of these poetic quotes about happiness coming to you and not seeking it out – I do. I just happen to think that pursuing happiness is not a crazy idea. Sorry poets, I’m looking for happy. Everywhere. Everyday. And you know what? It seems to be working. I just can’t agree with letting happiness come to me. Yes, some happiness will come to me. But the rest of it? The rest of it I’ve got to grab by the horns. Let’s go happiness! I’m seeking you out whether the poets like it or not!



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