#35, or Jumbley Late Thoughts, or I Make the Rules Here

This post is happening on my Blackberry due to my current position. I am out and about enjoying an evening with some good people. Today’s post, due to it’s phoneness, is going to be a little different.

Bullets. Everyone loves bullets.

-I ran 5 miles today without music. The first half kind of sucked but I seemed to get some sudden inspiration for the second half. What was my inspiration (you may ask)? I started thinking about my design final project and got super stoked putting it together in my head. Then suddenly the run was over. Whaaa?

-I won trivia two out of three times tonight. The underdog just rocked this house. Did it hurt everybody? Don’t cry.

-I slept in today. I slept until almost 11AM. That felt absolutely fantastical. First day sleeping in for quite a while and I loved all the sleepy sleepness of it.

-My blog for the day is a little late but only because I’m having a fun night. That’s an a-okay reason too.

Happy Saturday everyone. I’m about to have a week without work and that will be niiiice.

I love you. I love weekends. I love life.

Tell me a story?

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