#37, or Cake Boss Cupcake Nom, or Yes Chocolate Can Make my Day

This morning we left Virginia to spend the week up yonder. We’re spending the night in Hoboken before spending a couple of days in NYC. Today we walked from Deep’s apartment out to get some dinner and we followed it up with a trip to Carlo’s Bakery.

What’s up Cake Boss?!? It was pretty quiet inside when we got there and the kid behind the counter seemed really thrown off when all I wanted was two chocolate cupcakes. In the time between ordering my cupcakes and getting my cupcakes, the place suddenly became pretty packed. We got out of there and I destroyed my cupcake with one leftover. It may be for me. It made be for David. We’ll see how that goes.

This week is sure to be an interesting one full of ups and downs but starting it off with an absolutely delicious cupcake is a pretty good sign.

Oh and somehow, the world was with us today because we got to Jersey in awesome time hitting no traffic on the way up here. That could be a bad sign for the trip down but I remain hopeful.

Did I mention chocolate cupcake?

To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others.” Albert Camus

I don’t know who you are Albert but I see where you’re going here. This is why I invest my emotions into chocolate.

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