#41, or The Movie Warrior, or I Blame The Universe for my Late Posts

  Today we went to see the movie Warrior. This was great for two reasons. 1) The movie was pretty awesome and 2) David walked the 8 blocks there and 8 blocks back (yay recovery).

I wanted to see this movie but I was pleasantly surprised with how good it was. The men did great with hiding their natural accents and the storyline was interesting. I felt connected to all of the characters and I felt involved in the story.

I also happened to enjoy the music. There wasn’t a lot of it used but the moments that did have music I thought “I’d like to buy this soundtrack”… or download it (shh don’t tell the government).

You should go see this movie. There is definitely MMA fighting in it so if you can’t stomach the fighitng you shouldn’t see the movie but it manages to stay away from too much gore.

On another positive note, my post is late because I was out with Deep and David and we were hanging with some of Deep’s Hoboken friends. They were all very lovely and I enjoyed chatting with them. One of the couples recently got engaged! Yay for them!

Oh, and now it’s time for Benny Tudino’s pizza. Yum in my bellyspace.

Ever since happiness heard your name it has been running through the streets to find you.” Hafiz

Okay well let me give you my address happiness, that will make it much easier for you and in turn, much easier for me.

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