#43, or Gettin’ My Hair Did, or Jody Coppock Makes Me Pretty

<—- That is the beautiful Mrs. Coppock. She is absolutely faboosh and she makes my hair look all pretty which makes me feel wonderful. I met her when she was my client and now I’m her client. Oh how that tables have turned.

Life is crazy for both of us right now and I don’t get to see Jody as much as I’d like but I always enjoying seeing her and on the times I see her for hair stuffs, I enjoy that too. She is the only person that has cut or colored my hair (other than myself) in… two years? Ish? Sometimes I go to her and she fixes my hair after I ruin it although mostly lately it’s just for upkeep. I have decided that during year 24 of my life I won’t be dying my hair at all (harder than it sounds) so my time in her hair cutting chair of wonder is shorter than it used to be.

Jody is not only a great hair stylist but she’s an awesome friend and I was glad I got to see her today. I needed some good girl chat time – even if it was just for a short respite before we both got back to our busy lives. It was nice seeing her and her husband (who graciously stepped away from work to entertain me until she got home) and their little peanut.

The wee one is now three months old or, as Jody and I discussed, she is now at the age where she “does stuff.” She’s smiling and moving and doing things that are infinitely adorable. From now through the next couple of years she’s going to be doing cute things on a regular basis. I look forward to it and I know Jody and Chris do too. Yay Coppock peanut!

Today was good because of friendship and feeling pretty. A very fantastic combination.

Happiness is where we find it , but rarely where we seek it.” J Petit Senn

I’d like to state for the record, that between the one half of  philosophers that say happiness should be sought out and the remaining half that say you can’t seek out happiness, I’m probably more confused about how to procure happiness than ever before. Thanks guys. Way to help a girl out.

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