#44, or David is Home!, or My Shmoopywoopysnugglepie is Home!

I can see David. In the kitchen.

I have not slept in a bed next to my sweetie pie for over a week now and before that I only had a couple of days with him because he spent the previous half week in NYC with John.

He is probably leaving this weekend for a month of radiation in NYC and I am glad he is getting the best care in the world but selfishly I am sad that I will have to live without him for that long. I didn’t see him for the past two days and I missed him and I had trouble sleeping. God knows what’s going to happen to my sanity without him for a month.

I do not approve of his state-of-the-art care being 5 hours away. But I am more than grateful that he has this kind of care in the first place. It is a blessing that too many people will never know.

This entry is short. I have a boyfriend to snuggle up to. No time to be dilly dallying about on the internet. Quality time is needed starting…

A great obstacle to happiness is expecting too much happiness.” Bernard de Fontenell


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