#46, or Girl Talk Jam Sesh, or Take That, Commute!

Two YouTube videos in a row? Is it video Christmas or something?!

No. This video is just a song playing and the image stays the same. It’s easier that way since it’s a remixed version of songs and watching 18 videos spliced together is more irritating than interesting – at least as far as I’m concerned.

So there I was, being mopey in traffic, wishing I was home all read to no avail, when suddenly, I had a great idea. None of the radio stations seemed to be playing my jam and most of my CDs weren’t helping much today, until I grabbed a good’n. I rolled the windows down and popped a Girl Talk CD into my stereo and jammed the heck out. I listened to Girl Talk a bit in college and sort of fell of the wagon until David made me a new CD for them a couple of months ago.

It. Was. Fab.

I felt so awesome with the wind in my hair (well… wind-ish since I wasn’t going very fast) and the sweet pumpin’ tunes blaring. I felt like I was in my own music video, being all badass with my asymmetrical hair cut and my… um… okay that’s really all I have that’s tough. Oh, I also have a skull and crossbones sticker with a bow on my car so that’s got to count for something. I’m hardcore. Grrrr.

Anyway. I sang along. I bopped my head. I listened to a couple of songs that all flowed nicely into each other (since the man is a professional remixologist here) and before I knew it I was at my exit to go home. Traffic sucked, but it always sucks. Using all means necessary to make my ride home less miserable and enjoy a bit of my commute? Win.

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” Author Unknown

Haha… Get it?… The math? … I don’t usually go with quotes from randos but this one was so fantastically wonderful and cheesy I had to go with it. Today, I saved myself at least 1200 seconds of happiness in the car on the way home. How many did you procure?


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