#47, or Not Doing School Work, Or I’m an Asshat and Posted this in the Wrong Blog

Okay I posted this yesterday but I posted it in the training blog that Holly and I have for our half-marathon and not in my own blog. Kudos to me for my genius. I’m attaching it below and posting a new one for today to continue on. Don’t worry friends, I didn’t miss a day – I’m just a moron and put the day in the wrong spot! I still love you!




I went back to school a while ago and have been making strides along the way. Everyone that is in my life regularly knows that I am school. Not because I talk about it all the time or because they ask about it – but because my school work sort of runs my life.

I’m taking the maximum course load I can without the dean’s approval which means I’m a busy bee. My social calendar revolves around my school work schedule. Can I hang out tonight? No, I have homework.

Today though… today I didn’t do any homework. Not that there isn’t homework to do – there certainly is. I simply decided not to do it. It took me over an hour and a half to get home thanks to the terrible traffic in this area and by the time I got home I had decided it was time to take a break tonight.

So tonight I celebrate no homework. I was excited to let my braincells rest. I worked on a design project for my mom on my computer, watched mindless television, and I’m going to hop my butt in bed.

Take that school! Some days, I get to take a break. It feels good. I felt like a regular 24 year-old. Just chillen after work. I loved every second of it. If I could, I would resolve to take more days off from doing school work. That however, happens to be an absolutely terrible plan.

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” Buddha

Due to my accident prone personality, I will not be lighting a thousand actual candles. I will however, gladly light a thousand metaphorical candles of happiness. The first one in honor of my school work sitting in my bag for the night

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