#48, or Sweater Weather is Here!, or Autumn is my Favorite Season

Not only is Autumn my favorite season, it’s also one of my favorite names of all time (noted).

I know that there’s still a couple of days until it is officially Autumn (8 to be exact) but I’m still pretty stoked about it’s onset. I love the changing trees, the beautiful colors everywhere, the light chill in the air. Running during this season is always fun because it’s consistently beautiful.

It is also the season for layers. I love layering. I am a professional layerer. I can rock a tank top under a t-shirt under a sweater/jacket like nobody’s business. Give me a couple of scarf and boot options and I am absolutely in heaven. Autumn is when I look my best as much as possible – not because I’m trying harder but because I’m just naturally better at being awesome during the next couple of months (try not to be intimidated).

Today was a little chilly and I got to wear boots to work and a light jacket out to dinner without looking silly. I had a great time and I could feel the changing leaves in the air – I could feel all the warm and fuzzy goodness of Autumn coming.

September to December = my favorite quarter of the year. Hands down. It’s Autumn. Win one. From there the wins continue with the World Series, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, snow days, and leading up to New Year’s Eve. What’s not to love? This is when life gets good! The rest of the year is just a totally lame lead-in show to the premiere event!

Hurrah to all of us my fellow friends, let’s enjoy the best season around. Time to pick some apples and some pumpkins and snuggle in front of a fire with some hot cider. Who’s with me?!

My happiness is not a means to my end. It is the end.” Ayn Rand

Okay well that’s slightly depressing considering I’ve been pointing out happy things for 48 days now. Is this the end? Damn, I hope not.

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