#49, or I Ran a 10K, or I Think I got High on my Run and I’m not Talking Runner’s High

You know what feels awesome? Running 6.2 miles. You know what feels even awesomer? Finishing my run and feeling like I could have run farther. Awesomesauce.

I ran 3.1 miles away and came 3.1 miles back. When I made it to the intersection to turn around and head back, I probably looked like a crazy person to all the drivers rolling by because I was smiling so big. The time felt like it just flew by and more importantly, my body wasn’t in tons of pain – just a little sore from exertion.

I encountered one mild side stitch on the first half and one mega side stitch on the second half. Neither of which convinced me to stop running. I ran through the pain and after a little while the side pain subsided and I was back to breathing and running on pace. I don’t know how fast I ran – I’m not one for speed as much as I am one for distance.

I’m running the Wicked 10K with Team Livestrong at the end of October and I’m pretty excited about it so it was a great feeling to be over a month out from the race and have completed the trek. I’m also running a half-marathon in December so being halfway to a half-marathon with over two months to go also felt pretty good.

Oh – and on my run back to the house, I smelled weed for a solid suburban block – which, just to review, is much longer than a city block – so I was probably helped on the run by a contact high. Also, seriously?! What are these people smoking that I can smell it for such a distance?!? Kids these days.

Side note – not to be racist or anything here but when I go on my runs I always pass at lease one Middle Eastern couple and almost always pass an Asian couple, lovely couples, walking and walking. The only other country I’ve ever been to is Canada and that’s not really a different country, it’s more like baby America; but I am impressed with the focus on at least a basic fitness level that seems to be more instilled in people with a heritage from the other hemisphere (whether they are American born or not). I respect that. But let’s start doing the same thing kay? The next time I run I want to run by someone from every continent. Or else!

Most of us would be upset If we were accussed of being “silly” comes from the old English word “seilig” and it’s literal definition is”to be blessed , happy, healthy and prosperous.” Zig Ziglar

I like that. I’m going to start using that. Let’s get sillay.

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