#51, or Working Out on Monday, or Dragging my Disgruntled Monday Ass to the Gym Whether I Like it or Not

Nine times out of ten, I will not work out on a Monday. I am not a morning person. I am not a Monday person. I am not a Wednesday person. Put any of those together and I’m just disgruntled. Monday nights I usually save for nothingness. I ignore any upcoming school work deadlines and hide my running shoes where I can’t see them.

Today, I decided to hit the gym for a Monday workout. I was feeling strangely awake today at work after the initial shock of Monday wore off during my drive in, which made me even more excited to visit the treadmills. I’m pretty sure that this is excitement in my bones from my running triumph on Saturday and I’m a-okay with that. If my body wants to maintain excitement about exercise, I’m going to run with it (haha, get it?! get it?!?! run with it?!?! oh, me). I was getting kind of down about my exercise stalemate and getting over that hump was just what I needed to get back in the groove.

I did a nice 30 minute interval treadmill workout from start to finish and I felt good afterwards – a little tired and a little awake. I watched Vh1’s top hip-hop moments or… something (because I only watch the classiest television while I exercise) and it seemed like the time just flew by. Although I supposed when you spend over an hour running one day and the next run is less than half of that, it makes sense that it seems eensy.

I don’t know my mileage or how many calories burned because I didn’t even think to look. I was just happy to be there and getting my sweat on. Will this become a regular Monday pick-me-up? Maybe. For today it worked. For next Monday, the couch might sound much more appealing. We’ll see where this goes – I don’t want to get any crazy ideas.

Oh, and How I Met Your Mother’s season premiere was on tonight. Love!

No man is not happy who does not think himself so.” Pubilius Syrus

Okay well in that case. Ready? GO HAPPINESS!


Wait, does it only work on men?

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