#52, or The Season Premiere of Biggest Loser, or I Ate Lots of Cookies Tonight to Celebrate!

As a still certified but no longer career personal trainer, I will always have an affection for weight loss shows. I will give every weight loss show a chance to impress me. This show never fails. I am hoping that Season 12 follows through.

I was nervous for the start of this season, for two new trainers (again), one of them a mystery and one of them the bombshell Anna Kournikova. These statistics didn’t look good. This show seems to be going pretty well so far so I don’t have any major complaints. I’ll give the new format a couple of episodes. I am a faithful fan and I hope that they keep me interested. Although my life would probably be easier if I hated the show since it’s a 12 week long show that lasts for two hours a week – eating my life away.

When David and I were in the apartment, Biggest Loser night was often pizza night (shh, don’t tell the contestants), tonight my parents unknowingly followed the tradition by cooking chicken wings for dinner. I had wings and followed it up with Chips Ahoy Rainbow Deluxe Cookies. Oh, and I had a Piraat beer with my wings. Nothing like a classy Tuesday night dinner of carbs and fat. Nom. Happy weight loss show day!

I printed a list of the fall TV lineup and I highlighted about a quarter of it. I may never leave my couch this season.

On a related note – I love Biggest Loser but after 12 seasons, couldn’t someone hire a halfway decent stylist for Allison? She wears the most ridiculous stuff. I amazed at how unflattering her outfits are at times. Either she dresses herself or she’s paying someone way too much money.

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.” Herm Albright

Well then, let the annoying begin!

Or continue really…

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