#53, or I Have an Office, or Sharing Space is Lame

The new digs are pretty baller. Today I hung a set a of three paintings that my parents have had for a bit and I hope to get some personal photos printed to decorate with put up soon. I also see a great need for a fabulous and vivid fake floor plant to fill up space in a corner. I’m also open to other forms of office expression such as banners.

I already told my boss I am looking forward to decorating for the holidays in my square of real estate. I have enough room for a decent Christmas tree so that might have to happen.

If I had a sister and not a brother, this is where I might be able to share some story of having to share a room as a kid and how vindicating it feels to have an office. I don’t have that story. I have a brother. Oh and I have the exciting feeling of no longer being in cube farm where everyone can hear and see every single thing I’m doing at all times of the day.

Now, if I wanted to, I could play ABBA on my radio, take my shoes off, and chew gum like a cow while I do my work. This is big time.

There may come a time in the future that I move on to something else and I am moved back down the ranks to cube dweller. When that time comes I will know that I have tasted sweet awesomeness in my work career prior and I will hold onto these moments to get me through the days when I don’t want to listen to Tom’s story to Sally five cubes down about his ingrown toenail.

It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness.” Thomas Jefferson

Currently, I am not rich or living a faboosh life to be told in the movies. I do however, have an occupation that provides me an office of my own and the privacy allows for much needed tranquility at work. SeewhatIdidthere?


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