#55, or Jody Helping with the Fundraiser, or Baked Goods in my Belly!, or Shfifty Five

Raise your hand if you love(d) friendship bracelets! Can we, as a collective generation, please bring these back? I want to have a sweet party with all of my friends over and we’ll all make and exchange friendship bracelets. Who’s in?!

Jody would totally get a bracelet from me.Today she offered to do something pretty damn awesome.

As many of you know, Holly and I are running a half-marathon in December, for which we need to raise $7200. Our halfway point is less than a month a way and we are only at 16% of our goal which is not very promising unfortunately. We are running to raise money for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America which is an entirely worthy cause and the diseases more prevalent than you know.

Jody has offered her fantasmic baking services up as a way to help us raise money. She is taking orders for baked goods and all of the money she makes in the sales of her nomz will go toward our fundraiser. If you’re interested in talking to her about holiday baked goods, birthday, anything, you can like her new page on Facebook here and place an order. Yours truly will be helping out when I can but she’s the star of the show here.

I am so grateful to have a friend like this in my life – willing to go out of her way to help me out and to help raise money. This is beautiful and I almost cried when she told me she had this plan. Jody rocks my world.

If you’re interested in donating to our cause, please don’t be shy, Donate Here and tell all of your friends about it so they can donate too! We have a big goal and we can’t do this without you – we need your help! Donations of $25 or more receive a sweet robot tee (pictured on our donation website) and $100 or more will get you a bottle of your color wine from a local winery. Whether you donate $1 or $1000, please know it is going to a great cause and that every single dollar really does make a difference.

Thank you, Jody. You’re stellarsauce.

Happiness is a how; not a what. A talent, not an object.” Hermann Hesse

In that case, I am feeling very talented this evening.

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