#56, or A Wedding, or Love is Awesome

Today I was Jackie’s [hot] date to her friend Abby’s wedding. I think I met Abby once before, I could be wrong. It is nearing the end of wedding season so I’m sure Jackie will appreciate this breather.

Regardless of whether or not I know the couple or any thoughts I may have on the festivities, I can respect weddings and I love weddings. I think that standing up in front of the people you love to commit your life to another person is beautiful. I am a big sappy mcsapperson and a huge hopeless romantic. I love love. I hope that every person can find someone that they want to spend their lives committed to having fun with. That doesn’t necessarily mean marriage in the legal sense or even a relationship as lovers – it could be best friends too.

I’m not sure where weddings came from (someone insert helpful links here) and I know that in the past decade my generation and the one before have turned them into way bigger extravagant productions than they used to be for the average person, but I think the idea of them is pretty great. You are going to spend a whole day celebrating your love and oh hey – a bunch of your family and friends are going to join you. That sounds like fun. It also sounds spiritually uplifting.

So for tonight’s post I cheers to love and to weddings and to all the mushy stuff that makes me all sappy. Whether your ceremony is big, small, private, public, government sanctioned or not, I cheers to your celebration of love.

True happiness consists in making happy. ” Bharavi

Go on. Make some happy tomorrow. You know you want to.

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