#57, or Brownie Sundae, or I Eat Really Goodlike After I Run

There are two schools of thought in the exercise world.

1) Immediately after a good workout is the “power hour”, during which your metabolism is spiked and you reap the most benefit from great foods like chicken, rice, fruits and vegetables. Your body is absorbing and using everything it can.

2) Immediately after a good workout is the “power hour”, during with your metabolism is spiked and you can eat like a fat kid without feeling as guilty. Your fast metabolism means the food will likely be wrecked by your kickin’ cells and won’t go straight to your ass. Or at least mostly won’t.

Today, I experienced life on the other side. I went with theory two. I finished my bitchin’ 7 mile run with 2 bites of chicken, a lot more bites of mac n’ cheese, and a mini brownie sundae. I may regret that tomorrow but I feel good about it today.

Strangely enough, the brownie sundae was not my idea but I’m not one to not go along with any plan involving chocolate so off we went!

I had a brownie sundae but I didn’t eat one the size of my head so I didn’t feel like I might vom later and I feel entirely satiated. And chocolatey.

I love food and sweets. I used to work with a dietician who said that saying you “love” any food is a great misconception and that people need to stop applying human emotions to food. He discussed with me often about how this was a huge part of the problem of American obesity – the emotional attachment to the intangible.

To him I say, have you ever had dessert at The Melting Pot?!? Love.

One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats.” Iris Murdoch

Kudos Iris. Me and my brownie bite sundae salute you.

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