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#93, or Halloweeniversary, or I Looked Ridiculous Today

I wish I could wear brain electrodes for a week – in a nonobstrusive way – so that scientists could study just how exactly my mind works.

You know the fact about how it only takes 21 takes to form a habit?

I happen to be the kind of person incapable of habitual things. Whatever the opposite of an addict is – that’s me. I smoked cigarettes socially in college because I went to an arts school and everyone (no seriously, everyone) else did. When I left school I stopped. I drank quite a bit in college. When I left school I stopped. I bite my nails every now and then but not regularly.

I have been writing in this blog EVERY DAY for THREE MONTHS but tonight I was falling asleep and realized I forgot to post my blog. This wouldn’t be so crazy except that it happens AT LEAST once a week. On average, I forget twice a week about something I do every day. That would be like forgetting to brush my teeth or shower. My brain just does not have the capacity to care about this routine fully. Poor little noggin, workin’ so hard.

Anyway, today is Halloween which means David and I have been together a year. Hurrah. We had Thai food for dinner, spent some time together, and now my sleepy ass is off to bed. A very exciting romantic holiday indeed. I know he thinks that this whole “engagement” thing got him off the hook for a present today but that’s quite not the case. He has two hours to woo me. Two hours, David. I know you hear me.

I am a fan of flowery, feathery headbands. I support this trend. Today, I went even further. I wore a black fuzzy headband with two pumpkin antennae coming about nine inches off of the headband. I wore this to work. In my professional office full of nicely dressed people. That is how professional I am. I also went out to lunch with my mom and her work friend and you’re damn right I walked into the restaurant with my bouncy pumpkin headband on, got a table, and waited for them patiently – all while acting like there was nothing strange about my appearance.

Today was a fairly subdued and lovely Monday. No major complaints. Always a good thing.

Desire nothing. Give up all desires and be happy.” Swami Sivananda

Okay. I can’t remember to do something that I’ve done for 92 previous days and now you want me to change my mind to just stop desiring things? This, Swams, is not so simple.

#92, or Sleeping in my own Bed Again, or Damn I need to go to bed

I would so totally sleep in that bed. I’d be all – wazzap bed, let’s get cozy with it.

Our mini vacation to Virginia Beach was fun and quite eventful (see: race, engagement, whirlpool tub) but sometimes it can be nice to come home to your own bed. Especially when the bed in your hotel room was probably made out of bricks and feels more like a full than a queen.

Alas, I will have roughly five hours of wonderful sleep time in my bed before heading in to work tomorrow. Yea no, five. Not an awesome amount but that’s what I get for procrastinating on homework and staying up to watch the Walking Dead (zombiieezzz). I reckon it’ll probably be a coffee morning tomorrow.

I don’t really think there’s a lot I can say about going to bed. It’ll be awesome and snuggly and warm. And I won’t be there long enough. That pretty much sums it up.

Oh yea – and I got engaged this weekend. Still vibin’ off that one!! ❤

“There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness.” Lady Blessington

That’s good because tomorrow I will have lots of happiness and not a lot of sleep. Hopefully the happy makes my puffy, sleep-deprived, under-eye circles go away.

#91, or Running Awesomelike, or Pewpewmilespewpew

Hey that’s me! In all of my striped tights glory. Damn I’m sexy.

So somehow I accidentally ended up in the first wave of runners which – if you’re not familiar with how races work – is where all the serious/fast/insane runners are (yea, I’m lookin’ at you Andrew). I’m not sure how I managed to do that so good job accidental me on the sign-up. I considered moving back to one of the later waves but then I figured I’d just spend that time going nuts waiting so I just stayed to the right and back of the corral.

There were 40 mph winds today that made me feel like a ragdoll when it hit me on certain runs. I was all runrunAHHHrunrunrun. Oh and I kept pace with Princess Leia for a while but at some point she passed me. Or I had passed her. I don’t really know which but we stopped passing each other.

I wasn’t sure I’d make it through the race running but dammit I was determined. And awesome possumness I ran a 10min mile. On my 2 mile runs lately I’ve been rocking 11 or even 12 minutes and feeling like death at the end so I felt great knowing that when push came to shove I was still fairly decent.

I feel like the best way to sum up how delightful this experience was is to tell you some of the things/people that passed me in this Halloween-themed event:

A city bus, Robin Hood, a shark, Wonder Woman, the three little pigs, Rainbow Brite, Batman,


Seriously. Bacon passed me in the run. It was sort of fantastic.

Happiness is mental harmony. Unhappiness is mental inharmony.” James Allen

James if you want people to take you seriously you have to stop making up words… Duh.

#90, or Team LIVESTRONG Dinner, or Oh Yea, AND I’M ENGAGED!!

Tomorrow is race day! I’m running in the Wicked 10K with Team LIVESTRONG and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s supposed to be rainy and windy and miserable but I’m still pretty stoked! This is my first race so my goal here is just to finish.

Ideally, I’d like to run the whole 10K – whether it’s fast or slow I have to not care. I haven’t been running as much lately as I was earlier so I’m a little worried but mostly I’m excited. As a thank you, the CFO OF LIVESTRONG, Greg Lee, took the Team LIVESTRONGers out to dinner and it was delicious. We made some new friends and got to talk to some great people.

And – OF COURSE – I’m engaged!!!! Go ahead and guess how excited I am?!?

The answer: very.

I couldn’t understand why David wanted me to stand on the balcony with him when it was freezing out. I told him he was a nutbag. But I went outside and tada- he asked me to marry him. One knee and everything – very classy approach. I liked it.

The ring is absolutely amazingly wonderful. He asked a couple times what I wanted and we discussed styles but I told him that I wanted something that complimented me and spoke to my personality. The ring has black diamonds in the center and regular (is that what they’re called in comparison to colored?) diamonds around the outside. It is so unique and funky and I love it.

I want to post all about how much I love my sweetie pie but I’ve got a race in the morning and obviously I love him a lot or I would have said no!

Lovelovelovelovelooooove is in the aiiiiiir.

Also, so is rain.

And wind.

Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

On it.

#89, or The Unsecreting of my Secret Project, or Happy Early Halloweeniversary


Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Edgard. He may have been renamed by now but that is his birth name and I love him very much. This is my first adventure into making clay art things and I think he’s pretty damn cute.

With his bumpy yellow eyes and all his bloody bits, he’s just the sweetest zombie bunny this side of… um… everything?

You may or may not know that Halloween is our anniversary so it has been happily dubbed our Halloweeniversary. Even though I am a word mashing whiz, I have to give credit for that one to Kirsten. I’m sad I didn’t think of it but I still give credit where credit is due.

This is my gift to David and I wanted to give it to him early because I wanted him to have something fun to come home to and I wanted him to have a zombie before Halloween came.

We enjoy scary movies and as I explained to him upon giving him the gift, “I Love You Because… zombies never go out of season in our home” and it’s truthy. The first time we hung out together we went to see Paranormal Activity 2. It may or may not have been a date. I swore up and down that it was not a date and that we were just two friends that had spent tons of time talking and decided to see a movie. I emphasized to him numerous times that it was not a date and he obliged.

Prepare to be amazed.

After the movie he walked me to my car and he said “I’d love to hang out with you some more another time” and I said “well… how about now? Drinks?”

BOOM. I’m a piyump.

Anyway, we went out for drinks (on a Monday) and stayed out later than my bedtime and I saw him every day for the next month.

This zombie is my ode to our love and the things that make us happy. Zombies. And love. And cute things.

Oh – and if you google “zombie bunny” you’ll see a picture of a hottie a page or so down eating a chocolate zombie bunny… that’s my David 🙂 I was weighing the idea before that but when I discovered this fun fact I knew it was a sign. He needed a zombie bunny sculpture and he needed one ASAP.

Remember that not to be happy is not to be grateful.” Elizabeth Carter

I am happy. I am grateful. I am in love. I am a zombie bunny creator.

#88, or David Comes Home Today!, or Take That, Cancer!

It’s a good thing my Microsoft Outlook at work reminded me or else I might have forgot all about it! Thanks Outlook – phew!

This morning is David’s last day of radiation treatment in New York then he gets on the lovely Bolt Bus and heads his cute behind back to the fun in Northern Virginia! Yeehaw!

(In case you haven’t caught on, due to my level of excitement this post will be exclamation-tastic. If you can’t handle that, please abandon this post immediately.)

This is all kinds of awesome for me. I may have mentioned this before but for anyone that doesn’t know – I’m full of useless facts. Previous facts have included: Did you know they’re making an x-ray machine that works like a Lobster’s eyes? Did you know that the dog from Punky Brewster went to a boy who is now a cameraman for TMZ? Did you know that there are entire trees in the UK with coins embedded into them and it’s considered bad luck to take one off? Did you know that Joe Lieberman defended Mitt Romney’s right to freedom of religion after Robert Jeffress’ attack on Mormonism??

Did you??? Would you have known any of this without me???

I learn a lot of my awesome factoids from Mental Floss, Politico, and various other totally great nerdy sources that feed my need for fun facts.

I digress. I have facts. I need someone to share these facts with. Now that David is home, I can go back to sharing my facts. Which I’m sure he has been dying to hear about. I’m sure that while in New York he has been just sitting on the edge of his seat waiting to find out what I’ve been learning.

He also gets to come home to the start of peak season at work which is a circus of crazy. He’s one of the many happy clams over at Think Geek and when the holidays roll around those geeks get to buyin’ stuff! Oh, have I mentioned I love his coworkers? I do. Yes, I’m talking to you Think Geeks! I love yooouuuu. You’re so pretty.

He also gets to come home to a house without a puppy… okay maybe this is more of a personal problem for me and maybe I saw a kitten run through a parking lot this morning and tried to figure out how I could bring it to work to spend the day with me and then bring it home but MAYBE he wants a puppy too…

The point here is that David is coming home today and after work I get to go hang out with him and the Think Geeks of love and be super excited that my boo is back and not just for a weekend visit but for regular real-life good. Oh and I get to unveil my super sweet top secret craft project in celebration of his homecoming. Hoping he thinks it’s neat.

Another thing that makes me happy? Did you know that an 8-foot tall Lego man statue washed up on a Florida beach? No? You’re welcome.

How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being?” Oscar Wilde

You see Oscar, this is why David and I work. He has no shame in admitting that I am absolutely out of my friggen mind. It’s love.



#87, or Some Quiet Time to End the Day , or Hey 87 – That’s The Year I was Born

Have you ever stopped to realize how much noise is in your life? Some of it is unavoidable and some is purposeful but I feel lately like there is just an overload of noise externally assaulting me all day long. Maybe I’m suddenly noticing it because my mind seems to be clearer lately and I’m not stuck in my head all the time so I’m more apt to pay attention but it’s certainly overwhelming.

With that in mind, when I started to organize some things tonight, I didn’t turn anything on. No television, no radio, nada. I just organized. I spent about 20-30 minutes getting some things done and randomly the quiet but continuing on.

It felt really relaxing to spend the end of my day in silence. I feel like during that time my brain and my body both came to terms with the fact that the night was winding down and it is almost time for bed.

This is the part where I would like to say that this is something I want to make a regular occurance but that would just be setting myself up to fail. David comes home tomorrow and anyone that knows me knows this much – I like to talk. I don’t ever run out of things to talk about. So having him back home means having a chat buddy around me again and that means I might attempt silence and in that 20 minutes I’ll think of all these really funny (see:cheesy), or important (see: not important), or urgent (see:never urgent) things to say to him and will just have to tell him that instant.

I blame him. He’s a good listener. He brought this on himself really.

You must understand, I don’t have to be happy to be happy.” Juliette Binoche

I feel like this is a trick statement and I’m going to spend the rest of the night trying to wrap my brain around it (see: sleep).

#86, or Feeling Less Inadequate, or Back to Kickin’ Some Pavement Booty

Look at me go!!

Okay so maybe that’s not me, maybe that’s a hairless stick figure but it could be me and that’s what matters.

Due to the circumstances of life these days, I haven’t been running nearly as much as I should be – especially considering I’m running a 10K this Saturday.

Before today’s run, the two most recent runs I did were incredibly discouraging. I felt tired, weak, poor formy. On today’s run though, I found my stride again. There was a very light sprinkle of rain, the sun was almost set,and I got to tune out of the world and into nature.

My iPod and I are currently waging war against each other so the nature thing was forced on me but I enjoyed it anyway. I love night runs. I love running in the rain. I needed tonight’s run to lift me back up and let me know that running is still my friend.

Hi running, I love you. I didn’t mean to leave you. I promise it … may or may not happen again… I’m just being honest here.

If you’re interested in donating to the cause and supporting my run with Team LIVESTRONG, you can help me reach $500 HERE. I’m running in the Wicked 10K!

Just try to be happy. Unhappiness starts with wanting to be happier. “Sam Levenson

And in case you’re keeping track – it’s two weeks until my bloggy turns 100 days old! I feel like I should get her something… diamond earrings? A pony? Thoughts?

#85, or This is me Finding the Bright Side, or Why Does Illustrator Hate me?

I am currently attempting to not:

1. Throw my laptop at the wall.

2. Try to break my laptop over my knee (keyword here being “try”)

3. Speak only in profanity at a high decibel

4. Smash head into table

The fun is just out of control over here. I am in class learning how to maneuver around Adobe Illustrator. As an online student with programs like this, this can be somewhat frustrating as I follow all of the instructions in my walk-through, don’t come up with the same result, and have no professor to ask. I might if I didn’t wait until the day this stuff was due to work on it because then I could have emailed my problems.

Mais non, I fight with my computer instead.

The optimist in me, however, is forcibly accepting this as my happy note for the day.


Because I am learning something new. Sure, I might like to pretend that I can do absolutely anything and be absolutely amazing at it – but that’s not always the case. Today I am accepting that I am human and that understanding Illustrator doesn’t come as easily to me as did InDesign and Photoshop. After this nine weeks of class though, I will be able to say that I understand yet another piece of the Master Collection.

I need to look at it as a very steep uphill battle that I am going to conquer no matter what. So today I celebrate the learning process in all of it’s sometimes awesome – sometimes ego bursting – glory.

I also state today that I will wreck you, Illustrator. I will make you my software bitch and I am going to make sure that you know who’s in charge here. It may take me all nine weeks but I’ll be damned if you win. Today is the start of something beautiful, Illustrator. Today is Day 1 of the Sabrina Rocks at Illustrator project. HERE WE GO!

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” Robert Brault

Learning a computer program. Seems like a little thing. But maybe I become so awesome at it that it helps to spawn my career as a world-renowned designer. On it.

#84, or Visiting a Statue in the Woods, or Happy Birthday Teddy!

Today I ventured with the fam out to Theodore Roosevelt Island/National Memorial. He is celebrating his birthday on in the afterlife today – partying up a storm with all of the other dead presidents. He probably got mad because his favorite cake is vanilla but some other JFK brought him chocolate so now everything is ruined and Thomas Jefferson won’t stop trying to get everyone to do shots but Abe Lincoln is sitting in the corner irritated waiting for them to just sing the birthday song and get it over it with so he can leave already.

No? Not what you pictured? Weird.

So today they had a miiiiini  celebration of sorts at the memorial with park rangers, rodents in cages, and yes – cake! It was quite a lackluster celebration but it was a cute effort nonetheless.

As everyone living in the DC area can attest to – there’s about a hundred memorials and sights to see that often go unvisited by locals. Usually we avoid the memorials like the plague in the summertime and only visit them when out-of-town guests want an exploration. It was nice to be forced to go visit a memorial that I have never been to before. In fact, I didn’t even know it existed.

So hurrah, to stepping out of the box today and doing something different.

He that is discontented in one place will seldom be happy in another.” Aesop

Yea I guess I just don’t see things the way you do, Ace. I’m not happy in a  porta-potty but I’m quite happy in a spa. You see? You see the disconnect here? You should maybe reexamine your idea.