#63, or It’s Ugg Boot Season, or Elephant Feet Feel Oh-So-Good

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s time.

<— Look at them – aren’t they precious? Those are the exact boots I have and I love them. Let’s get serious for a second – I love boots anyway. I am a boot lover and have way more than the average number of them. I have boots for every mood and formality requirements in various colors and I love each pair so very much.

I have a special place in my heart for these though. These sheepskin foot clouds that I gladly slip on for maximum coziness. Maybe part of the reason I love them so much has to do with how polarizing they are. I used to pick the broken toys out when I we’d go to the Salvation Army as kids and pick something out. I brought home so many toys with missing eyeballs or marker on them. I was convinced no one else would love them so it was my duty.

Okay no it’s not entirely like that. Plenty of other people love Ugg boots. Mostly sorority girls and 16 year-old soccer players but at least I’m not alone.

They are fantastically taboo and I am a-okay with that. So maybe these boots were created for different climates and different conditions. So? I proudly put them on as a member of the suburban sheep army. They are a faboosh chocolate brown – although Ugg has classified this color as gray (?) – and they go over skinny jeans or under regular jeans wonderfully. They also go over leggings wonderfully – which is to say that my moments of suburban sheepery extend to my use of leggings as pants.

I wear Ugg boots. I wear leggings as pants. Sometimes, I do both at the same time.

And I am not ashamed. I am proud of my coziness. I bask in the relaxedosity of it all.

Come on ladies (and some men) sing it loud – sing it proud – I wear Uggs and damnit I’m comfortable!

It is only possible to live happily ever after on a daily basis.” Margaret Bonanno

I find it easier to be happy every day when I am in cozy shoes. Fact.

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