#64, or Another Term Down – 4 Billion to Go, or I’m Visiting Relaxation Station for 10 Whole Days

In June I had quite an accomplishment for a girl who struggles with attention and has a sincere problem with changing her mind on a more than regular basis. I completed my Associate’s degree. Huzzah. In August, I started work toward my Bachelor’s degree. Just now, about two minutes ago, I finished submitting my finals and officially completed my first term in this pursuit.

This is a very exciting this as I’m pretty sure I’ve maintained stellar grades for someone taking 17.5 credits, working full-time, and training for a half-marathon.

I know that I have about a year and a half to go but slow and steady wins the race. If I could finish school any quicker I would but my journey wasn’t as clear cut as other folks journeys so this is taking me a bit longer than expected. These eensy weensy baby steps will all add up to something eventually.

At times I may be overwhelmed by school on top of the rest of my life but I’m going to get a Bachelor’s degree if it kills me. And it might kill me. If one can die of being too tired, this is entirely possible.

The best part about finishing finals though is that the school I’m in now is different than the one I was in before. Last year I was greatful that when one term ended on Sunday the next started on Monday. It helped me to feel like I was making progress and not wasting time. This time around, I could use some nothingness for a bit. New classes don’t start for 10 days which means I have 10 days to pretend I have a social life.

Okay fine… I’m probably just going to sit on my ass and watch T.V. but hey – I’ll be on the couch open for conversation instead of hiding somewhere working on homework which automatically makes me more social. I will also be on Facebbook more – what with all of this free internet time now. I’ll be posting like some sort of mad woman and maybe I’ll even open up Facebook chat. I am such a social butterfly!

Added plus – the important people in my life don’t have  any possibility of having to deal with stressed-out homework-face Sabrina. They get well-rested and relaxed Sabrina for 10 whole days. That opens us all up to a world of exciting and fun possibilities!

Dear 10 days of no schoolwork, I love you already. Let’s make this time together really beautiful. Let’s make it mean something.

Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never forget about it.” Jaques Prevert

I’m sorry what? I couldn’t pay any attention to what you were saying because all I noticed was that your last name closely resembles “Pervert” and that made me giggle.


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