#65, or Halloween Movies Every Day for 31 Days, or I Can Give Myself Creepy Dreams ALL Month Long

You may have noticed I love and I love big. I love everything ever. I don’t like things. I love things. It’s one reason to love me or hate me. Choose love. It works better with my MO.

On my never-ending list of things I love: scary movies. I’m not a scary movie expert and there’s many I haven’t seen but I enjoy scary movies. I especially enjoy Halloween movies.

You may have noticed that it is October. October in the world of cable means 31 days of Halloween-related movies for free. I love them all. The good , the great, the goodish. Love. Kids movies, adult movies, all of it. I started by falling asleep last night to Halloweentown. Love.

Did not love? Waking up in the middle of the night thinking there was a demon skull coming at my face. I also had sketchy weird dreams. Yes. Seriously. I had bad dreams after watching Halloweentown. My sleep brain is delicate – she likes sunshine and rainbows only. It’s probably a good thing that David is in New York this month so that he’s not waking up every time I jump out of bed thinking there’s something evil trying to attack me. This way, only one of us loses sleep.

Side note: WordPress put the red squiggly “OHMIGODMORONYOURESOWRONG!” line underneath Halloweentown. In both paragraphs. But when I started a new paragraph, the red squiggly lines of doom disappeared. Do you assume that if I haven’t corrected it by now then it’s not wrong? What if I just missed it the first time and now I’LL NEVER KNOW HOW DUMB I AM FOR MAKING UP WORDS!!

This is really stressing me out WordPress. Just because I started typing a new paragraph doesn’t make “OHMIGODMORONYOURESOWRONG!” a word. Make up your mind. Stand behind your beliefs. Stop being so wishy-washy.

Let’s watch some Halloween movies! I can’t wait for The Great Pumpkin!

Cute Halloween movie marathon anyone?

It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.” Agnes Repplier

Aggy – can I call you Aggy? – I find happiness in almost everything. It’s kind of annoying for others and therefore it’s sort of a problem.



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