#69, or Bolt Bus Take me Away to a Weekend of Fun, or I Know Way Too Much About the People Around me Right Now

And away I go!

I am very parched on this bus. Would it be totally weird to ask the guy behind me if I can have the rest of his soda? No right?

I’m not really sure where I am right now. I am guessing somewhere in New Jersey but that’s only because there’s an incredible lack of signage and if you’ve ever driven the turnpike you know how depressingly desolate it can be. You think – Oh I’m only going from exit 4 to 10? That’ll take no time – EXCEPT GOTCHU because there’s 90 MILES between EACH exit. Face!

In the lighter news though, I’m on my way to David. This should be a good weekend for a variety of reasons. I’m already fairly destressed because I haven’t had any schoolwork to do for a couple of days, I took the week off from exercising so I did a lot of lazying about, and oh yea, I’ll be in a swanky New York City hotel with my sweetheart. Holler.

We’re going to do the museum thing which I am utterly stoked about because MoMA currently has an exhibit on Willem de Kooning and because OMG MoMA!!!

It’s incredibly hard to try to sleep sitting straight up but this ride is better than the drive alone at this time of night – especially since I’m a little sleepy. Now, I can do things like IM everyone (single-handedly bringing AIM back kids) and post blogs all while on my way into the city.

Dear Ladyinfrontofme, if you’re going to watch Grey’s Anatomy without headphones, at least turn it up loud enough so I can make out all the words and watch from over your shoulder. If you’re just going to have it loud enough so you can hear it and I can establish that noise is coming from in front of me – I’m going to require you get headphones. Share the fun or don’t have any.

Oh and this bus trip has been quite a learning experience too! So far I have learned that the girll two seats up and to the right has a dad with anger management issues, the man in front of me forget to pack socks, one guy behind me got to watch the Transformers movie being made in DC, and the other guy behind me is going to a bitchin party after he gets off the bus, oh and his drunk ex-girlfriend really wants to see him while he’s in NY and won’t stop calling. I just have two words bus people: Inside. Voices. I can’t wait to find out lots of interesting passenger tidbits on my ride home too!

I’m all ready for my weekend of sea, sand, sun, and surprises (as my mom would say). Let’s go mini-vacation! Wee!

Live with your whole being all the days of your life. Your reward will be true happiness.” Rebecca Thomas Shane

I am going to weekend like I have never weekended before. My whole life is currently dedicated to this weekend.

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