#72, or Classified Art Project, or My Brainz Say “Art!” not “Sleep”

I should be in bed. But I’m not. Well okay I am in bed but I’m not sleeping. My mind is totally wired. I am in bed at this present moment only because I am forcing myself to stay here and not to keep working on my latest special project. I could probably finish about 9o% of it tonight if I didn’t go to bed (I need to buy a couple more parts) but I am going to do the responsible thing and try to get some rest before work tomorrow instead.

This top secret project is probably one of the funnest I’ve done in quite some time and I will be so excited when I can unveil it’s awesomeness. I’m not going to give any hints about the theme, the reason, the medium, or anything else that will actually help someone figure out what I’m working on.

My only hint for anyone interested: green. Maybe I mean the color green. Maybe the concept is green. Maybe the green relates to something else altogether. Who knows?!

Aren’t you so excited?! Or just irritated that I’m writing an entire blog entry about something I’m not going to give you any information about. It sort of defeats the purpose of a sharing blog doesn’t it? Oh well. I run this show and it’s times like this that you’re reminded of that. Don’t worry, when my art project is released unto the world for whatever reason, I will be certain to share and reference this blog so you can know what the heck I was talking about when I spent a couple paragraphs confusing the crap out of you.

So anyway, the reoccurring theme of artsycraftsy happiness strikes again!

Always leave something to wish for; otherwise you will be miserable from your very happiness.” Baltasar Gracian

See – I’m already on this. I’m wishing to spend more time on my latest project but I am withholding so that I have something to look forward to longer. I am such a genius of happiness. The farther I get into this project the more of a professional happiositer I become.

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