#74, or The Civil Wars, or The Band – Not Actual Wars

Sometimes it’s payday. Sometimes it’s migraine day. Sometimes it’s both.

With that in mind, I decided to get myself a present today on my lunch break – I spent a big 9.99 on a CD I super wanted. No illegal downloading here – I shelled out the megabucks!

This CD (Barton Hollow) is absolutely wonderful and I loved listening to it for part of my work day and the entire ride home. Their voices meld together to sound incredibly beautiful – even in the painful songs.

I am a huge fan of au naturale acoustic-type music (see: folk, bluegrass) and The Civil Wars definitely have that going on. In live shows it’s just the two of them and on this CD they added only minimal accompianment. It takes truly beautiful singers to rely so heavily on their own voices to carry the song. The emotion is palpable and the strength of every song is touching.

I highly reccomend this CD to anyone. And everyone. Go out and buy it now. Don’t be cheap – it was only 9.99 at Target for goodness sake.

So go grab the music and relax your body, mind, and soul like I did. I fell into the music quite happily today.

Simplicity makes me happy.” Alicia Keys

Depending on the day, I might agree with you Alicia. Today, being that music made me happy – I would have to agree.

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