#75, or Blood Red Hands, or Finishing My Super Secret Project

My mom tried to take a picture of my entirely red hands but the lighting in the mountain home is not entirely conducive to hand-tint photography. It was pretty awesome to see my artsy red hands at the end of my project.

I always doubt the things I make and whether or not they are “good enough” so I will spend the next couple weeks until it’s unveiling convinced that I could change this or fix that. I can’t do any of these things though because the medium is sort of permanent and my options are – start new or leave it alone. So leave it alone I must. This will be a lesson in acceptance and confidence for me and I think that will be a good practice to try.

I don’t ever think what I’ve made is horrendous but I – like most – am I my own worst critic. I will so though that I think this is one of my best works so far. It made me smile when I was brainstorming and there were multiple times I laughed out loud while I was working on it.

Today I feel like there’s one less thing cramming up my brainspace because I got my creative idea out which is a calming thought. Today I finished a project that made me happy.

So here’s the thing – if it actually does suck – do me a favor and don’t tell me. Lie to me.

Happiness is a by-product of an effort to make someone else happy.” Gretta Brooker Palmer

In that case, on with the giving!

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