#76, or Our Apartment Has a New Tenant, or Sucks to be You New Guy/Girl

The picture of the Avenue Q cast has nothing to do with my post but when I Googled “crappy apartment” this photo came up. I love the musical so I figure that maybe it’s a sign of my freedom.

It’s also a sign of the fun and hilarity that will come now.

I feel bad for the poor sap that is now stuck in the doomcave we used to live in but I am incredibly excited to be free from it’s deathgrip.

The pipes are always clogging, the tub is rusted, the linoleum is coming off the floor, the wood floor has holes in it, there’s no ventilation, there’s no air conditioning, the heat only half-works, there’s bugs, big bugs, the downstairs barber shop smokes pungent weed and plays music obnoxiously loud at all hours, the people in the barbershop also all yell because they’re incapable of inside voices, there’s drunk bar fights outside the bedroom window every weekend, there’s motorcycle get togethers outside the bedroom window every weekend, the property management is the opposite of helpful at all times, the woman that owns the rest of the building is absolutely nuts, there’s no outlets modern outlets, no storage, and oh yea – when it rains outside it runs inside too (how earth and exciting!).

But more importantly… these are no longer my problems.


Sorry, guy or girl that moved into the apartment. I feel bad for you but moreso I feel happy for me. Maybe you’re the kind of person that can put up with that and doesn’t expect much out of an apartment.

How shall I celebrate? With a wine cooler of course! Okay the wine cooler was already in the fridge so don’t hate on me. But for real, I rage hard on Friday night with my fruity wine cooler. I get wild.  I celebrate hard.

Side note: I’ve been watching a show on Hulu and thinking about how once it’s over I can finally get cozy or grab another drink.

Fact: I can pause this.

Additional fact: I. Have. A Laptop.

Fact Three: Laptops are mobile.

Good job, Me. Good job.

It isn’t necessary to be rich and famous to be happy. It’s only necessary to be rich. ” Alan Alda

I like the way you think Alan. Rich Team Go!

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