#77, or Movie Night, or Some Sense of Normalcy Hurrah!

Movie night isn’t new. It’s something we’ve been doing with our friends since last winter. However, in light of recent situations, we haven’t been doing movie night. It has been since sometime beginning to mid-summer-ish since we had movie night.

That makes tonight wonderful.

There’s still a lot of David’s life and our life together that will forever be altered by cancer and things aren’t going to go back to normal overnight. But movie night is a pretty good start. It’s nice to get back into the groove of doing things that once were regular (biweekly) occurances for us. It feels like there is some sense of normalcy coming to fruition finally. I am grateful for this.

He’s still doing treatment in New York but after he leaves tomorrow to go back into the city, he only has 10 days until he’s back here. And we can continue our biweekly movie nights. Because that’s what we do. Life goes on.

We are in an amazing place right now – even though it doesn’t always feel that way – and he is in a much better spot than others who have been diagnosed with the same disease. Doing things like movie night – that makes it all feel a little better. For me anyway. I’m not sure that it feels that way for David but I hope that it does. I hope that doing these things and continunig on with life like we’ve always done helps to keep him positive and realizing that he’s in a pretty damn good situation right now all things considered.

Besides, Ben makes pretty good popcorn. And who wouldn’t want to watch the Lethal Weapon series with beer and popcorn? I dare you to find someone. You can’t.

The happy man’s without a shirt.” John Heywood

Umm… I’m pretty happy with clothes on. Sorry bud.

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