#78, or Trippy Art Things, or She’s Crawling Out of Her Own Body! Eee!

Let’s get real blogosphere, this shit is cool. No bones about it. You can check out a bit more of it HERE. I just really love when I’m blown away by someone’s work.

I hate to be exclusive but I tend to be moved by things of an artistic nature. Music, dance, performance, sweet ass art of people shedding their own bodies. That sort of thing. Sorry math whiz friends, your spreadsheets and mathematical calcuations will probably never take my breath away.

But that?


That’s just cool. As I’m doing more art research in school and finding new and exciting ways to design and create every week, I love to stumble upon things like this. A creation that is beyond anything I have considered and just completely blows my mind. It evokes emotion and not just for the sake of evoking emotion. This piece took a large amount of work to create and that is clear.

Oh and I definitely have a special place in my heart for things that might be classified as morbid, eerie, creepy, dark, etc. and I think this just might qualify in that regard.

If anyone has sweet trippy art that I should take a look at – please share! I’d love to check it out! Any type of mind blowing art is welcome in my comments section. I want to be inspired!

This image certainly inspires me to work harder, to learn more, to create more. I love seeing things that make me go “Damn, I need to figure out how to be awesome!”. Challenge me artistic universe!

People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.” Anton Chekov

I guess I fall into this category somehow because I keep randomly forgetting what season it is lately. I assumed this is because I’m getting old. Apparently it’s because I’m happy. Super!

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