#79, or Spotify is Awesome, or JamCityFestTwentyElevenInMyOfficeHolla!

Okay I’m going to go ahead and be honest – I’m mad at David. He is excluding me and this is not okay.

He has spent months randomly mentioning Spotify and saying “it’s like Pandora but better because you pick your music”. This, darling of lies, is a gross understatement and I feel as though you should have granted me the decency of the truth

Spotify is not just “better than Pandora”. Spotify is frikken awesome!

I am upset with David for his lies and for not including me on his top secret awesome technology knowledge. He’s going to have to do a lot to make this up to me. I’m thinking flowers, chocolates, teddy bear, poetry – the whole nine yards or I might never forgive him. Never.

Today at work I set up Spotify and I could not have been happier. Instead of listening to the one static-free station that my radio allows me, I was able to listen to the bands I wanted and the songs I wanted. I even got to explore a little and listen to people I hadn’t heard of before. Nothing jumped out at me today as super awesome but I don’t care because I got to experience new music while also jamming to music I loved.

My job is not hard to go to – I work with great people and I have a good time while I’m there. I’m grateful for my job and adding some killer music to the day made it even better. How can I hate anything when I have sweet tune-age to lull me through my day?!?

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.” Eleanor Roosevelt

My happiness is a by-product of my decision to listen to new bands while at work. I so get you Eleanor – we’re just besties.

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