#83, or My Brother and His Family, or Did it Just Get Forty Times Louder in Here or is That Just Me?

My brother and I have never been two peas in a pod. Well okay that’s not true. I thought he was just the bee’s knees when I was like two… but as adults I don’t follow him around and ask to play with his cars all of the time. For one because that would be difficult considering he lives hundreds of miles away and for two because… well toy cars really just don’t excite me like they did when I was two.

Anyway, we’re not alike. He’s taller than me and when he had hair it was blonde with blue eyes. I have brown hair and brown eyes and if we didn’t each look like other members of our family I’d swear one of us was a giant adoption secret.

We are not very alike in many ways at all – looks or personality wise. We are incredibly alike however, in the smartassery that our parents passed onto us. Like many of the Jess or Rogers clan that came before us – we have  sarcastic and/or asinine comment for pretty much anything you will ever say to us. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s funny to just us. It’s never not funny… to us anyway. It’s the Jess gift/curse. I, much like my brother, always think I am hi-lar-i-ous. It’s just too bad the rest of the world doesn’t find my smartass remarks as funny 24/7 like I do,

I am happy that my brother and his family are in town for a weekish. I hope that it is a delightful little visit full of sea, sand, sun and surprises.

Or just fun… and beer/food.

Indeed, man wishes to be happy even when he so lives as to make happiness impossible.” St. Augustine.

I don’t think I live to make happiness impossible so I suppose that’s got to put me on some sort of good track… I hope…

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