#85, or This is me Finding the Bright Side, or Why Does Illustrator Hate me?

I am currently attempting to not:

1. Throw my laptop at the wall.

2. Try to break my laptop over my knee (keyword here being “try”)

3. Speak only in profanity at a high decibel

4. Smash head into table

The fun is just out of control over here. I am in class learning how to maneuver around Adobe Illustrator. As an online student with programs like this, this can be somewhat frustrating as I follow all of the instructions in my walk-through, don’t come up with the same result, and have no professor to ask. I might if I didn’t wait until the day this stuff was due to work on it because then I could have emailed my problems.

Mais non, I fight with my computer instead.

The optimist in me, however, is forcibly accepting this as my happy note for the day.


Because I am learning something new. Sure, I might like to pretend that I can do absolutely anything and be absolutely amazing at it – but that’s not always the case. Today I am accepting that I am human and that understanding Illustrator doesn’t come as easily to me as did InDesign and Photoshop. After this nine weeks of class though, I will be able to say that I understand yet another piece of the Master Collection.

I need to look at it as a very steep uphill battle that I am going to conquer no matter what. So today I celebrate the learning process in all of it’s sometimes awesome – sometimes ego bursting – glory.

I also state today that I will wreck you, Illustrator. I will make you my software bitch and I am going to make sure that you know who’s in charge here. It may take me all nine weeks but I’ll be damned if you win. Today is the start of something beautiful, Illustrator. Today is Day 1 of the Sabrina Rocks at Illustrator project. HERE WE GO!

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” Robert Brault

Learning a computer program. Seems like a little thing. But maybe I become so awesome at it that it helps to spawn my career as a world-renowned designer. On it.

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