#87, or Some Quiet Time to End the Day , or Hey 87 – That’s The Year I was Born

Have you ever stopped to realize how much noise is in your life? Some of it is unavoidable and some is purposeful but I feel lately like there is just an overload of noise externally assaulting me all day long. Maybe I’m suddenly noticing it because my mind seems to be clearer lately and I’m not stuck in my head all the time so I’m more apt to pay attention but it’s certainly overwhelming.

With that in mind, when I started to organize some things tonight, I didn’t turn anything on. No television, no radio, nada. I just organized. I spent about 20-30 minutes getting some things done and randomly the quiet but continuing on.

It felt really relaxing to spend the end of my day in silence. I feel like during that time my brain and my body both came to terms with the fact that the night was winding down and it is almost time for bed.

This is the part where I would like to say that this is something I want to make a regular occurance but that would just be setting myself up to fail. David comes home tomorrow and anyone that knows me knows this much – I like to talk. I don’t ever run out of things to talk about. So having him back home means having a chat buddy around me again and that means I might attempt silence and in that 20 minutes I’ll think of all these really funny (see:cheesy), or important (see: not important), or urgent (see:never urgent) things to say to him and will just have to tell him that instant.

I blame him. He’s a good listener. He brought this on himself really.

You must understand, I don’t have to be happy to be happy.” Juliette Binoche

I feel like this is a trick statement and I’m going to spend the rest of the night trying to wrap my brain around it (see: sleep).

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