#88, or David Comes Home Today!, or Take That, Cancer!

It’s a good thing my Microsoft Outlook at work reminded me or else I might have forgot all about it! Thanks Outlook – phew!

This morning is David’s last day of radiation treatment in New York then he gets on the lovely Bolt Bus and heads his cute behind back to the fun in Northern Virginia! Yeehaw!

(In case you haven’t caught on, due to my level of excitement this post will be exclamation-tastic. If you can’t handle that, please abandon this post immediately.)

This is all kinds of awesome for me. I may have mentioned this before but for anyone that doesn’t know – I’m full of useless facts. Previous facts have included: Did you know they’re making an x-ray machine that works like a Lobster’s eyes? Did you know that the dog from Punky Brewster went to a boy who is now a cameraman for TMZ? Did you know that there are entire trees in the UK with coins embedded into them and it’s considered bad luck to take one off? Did you know that Joe Lieberman defended Mitt Romney’s right to freedom of religion after Robert Jeffress’ attack on Mormonism??

Did you??? Would you have known any of this without me???

I learn a lot of my awesome factoids from Mental Floss, Politico, and various other totally great nerdy sources that feed my need for fun facts.

I digress. I have facts. I need someone to share these facts with. Now that David is home, I can go back to sharing my facts. Which I’m sure he has been dying to hear about. I’m sure that while in New York he has been just sitting on the edge of his seat waiting to find out what I’ve been learning.

He also gets to come home to the start of peak season at work which is a circus of crazy. He’s one of the many happy clams over at Think Geek and when the holidays roll around those geeks get to buyin’ stuff! Oh, have I mentioned I love his coworkers? I do. Yes, I’m talking to you Think Geeks! I love yooouuuu. You’re so pretty.

He also gets to come home to a house without a puppy… okay maybe this is more of a personal problem for me and maybe I saw a kitten run through a parking lot this morning and tried to figure out how I could bring it to work to spend the day with me and then bring it home but MAYBE he wants a puppy too…

The point here is that David is coming home today and after work I get to go hang out with him and the Think Geeks of love and be super excited that my boo is back and not just for a weekend visit but for regular real-life good. Oh and I get to unveil my super sweet top secret craft project in celebration of his homecoming. Hoping he thinks it’s neat.

Another thing that makes me happy? Did you know that an 8-foot tall Lego man statue washed up on a Florida beach? No? You’re welcome.

How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being?” Oscar Wilde

You see Oscar, this is why David and I work. He has no shame in admitting that I am absolutely out of my friggen mind. It’s love.



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