#90, or Team LIVESTRONG Dinner, or Oh Yea, AND I’M ENGAGED!!

Tomorrow is race day! I’m running in the Wicked 10K with Team LIVESTRONG and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s supposed to be rainy and windy and miserable but I’m still pretty stoked! This is my first race so my goal here is just to finish.

Ideally, I’d like to run the whole 10K – whether it’s fast or slow I have to not care. I haven’t been running as much lately as I was earlier so I’m a little worried but mostly I’m excited. As a thank you, the CFO OF LIVESTRONG, Greg Lee, took the Team LIVESTRONGers out to dinner and it was delicious. We made some new friends and got to talk to some great people.

And – OF COURSE – I’m engaged!!!! Go ahead and guess how excited I am?!?

The answer: very.

I couldn’t understand why David wanted me to stand on the balcony with him when it was freezing out. I told him he was a nutbag. But I went outside and tada- he asked me to marry him. One knee and everything – very classy approach. I liked it.

The ring is absolutely amazingly wonderful. He asked a couple times what I wanted and we discussed styles but I told him that I wanted something that complimented me and spoke to my personality. The ring has black diamonds in the center and regular (is that what they’re called in comparison to colored?) diamonds around the outside. It is so unique and funky and I love it.

I want to post all about how much I love my sweetie pie but I’ve got a race in the morning and obviously I love him a lot or I would have said no!

Lovelovelovelovelooooove is in the aiiiiiir.

Also, so is rain.

And wind.

Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

On it.

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