#91, or Running Awesomelike, or Pewpewmilespewpew

Hey that’s me! In all of my striped tights glory. Damn I’m sexy.

So somehow I accidentally ended up in the first wave of runners which – if you’re not familiar with how races work – is where all the serious/fast/insane runners are (yea, I’m lookin’ at you Andrew). I’m not sure how I managed to do that so good job accidental me on the sign-up. I considered moving back to one of the later waves but then I figured I’d just spend that time going nuts waiting so I just stayed to the right and back of the corral.

There were 40 mph winds today that made me feel like a ragdoll when it hit me on certain runs. I was all runrunAHHHrunrunrun. Oh and I kept pace with Princess Leia for a while but at some point she passed me. Or I had passed her. I don’t really know which but we stopped passing each other.

I wasn’t sure I’d make it through the race running but dammit I was determined. And awesome possumness I ran a 10min mile. On my 2 mile runs lately I’ve been rocking 11 or even 12 minutes and feeling like death at the end so I felt great knowing that when push came to shove I was still fairly decent.

I feel like the best way to sum up how delightful this experience was is to tell you some of the things/people that passed me in this Halloween-themed event:

A city bus, Robin Hood, a shark, Wonder Woman, the three little pigs, Rainbow Brite, Batman,


Seriously. Bacon passed me in the run. It was sort of fantastic.

Happiness is mental harmony. Unhappiness is mental inharmony.” James Allen

James if you want people to take you seriously you have to stop making up words… Duh.

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