#93, or Halloweeniversary, or I Looked Ridiculous Today

I wish I could wear brain electrodes for a week – in a nonobstrusive way – so that scientists could study just how exactly my mind works.

You know the fact about how it only takes 21 takes to form a habit?

I happen to be the kind of person incapable of habitual things. Whatever the opposite of an addict is – that’s me. I smoked cigarettes socially in college because I went to an arts school and everyone (no seriously, everyone) else did. When I left school I stopped. I drank quite a bit in college. When I left school I stopped. I bite my nails every now and then but not regularly.

I have been writing in this blog EVERY DAY for THREE MONTHS but tonight I was falling asleep and realized I forgot to post my blog. This wouldn’t be so crazy except that it happens AT LEAST once a week. On average, I forget twice a week about something I do every day. That would be like forgetting to brush my teeth or shower. My brain just does not have the capacity to care about this routine fully. Poor little noggin, workin’ so hard.

Anyway, today is Halloween which means David and I have been together a year. Hurrah. We had Thai food for dinner, spent some time together, and now my sleepy ass is off to bed. A very exciting romantic holiday indeed. I know he thinks that this whole “engagement” thing got him off the hook for a present today but that’s quite not the case. He has two hours to woo me. Two hours, David. I know you hear me.

I am a fan of flowery, feathery headbands. I support this trend. Today, I went even further. I wore a black fuzzy headband with two pumpkin antennae coming about nine inches off of the headband. I wore this to work. In my professional office full of nicely dressed people. That is how professional I am. I also went out to lunch with my mom and her work friend and you’re damn right I walked into the restaurant with my bouncy pumpkin headband on, got a table, and waited for them patiently – all while acting like there was nothing strange about my appearance.

Today was a fairly subdued and lovely Monday. No major complaints. Always a good thing.

Desire nothing. Give up all desires and be happy.” Swami Sivananda

Okay. I can’t remember to do something that I’ve done for 92 previous days and now you want me to change my mind to just stop desiring things? This, Swams, is not so simple.

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